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Our story

Two families, winegrowers since the 1900s, who followed different paths. The Girard estate, a cooperative grower from Mesnil sur Oger; and the Bonnet estate, a grower maker from Oger who produced approximately 140,000 bottles in the 1980s under the name of Champagne F. Bonnet Père et Fils.

Unfortunately, the latter was extinguished in 1988 and the vineyards were leased.
The routes of the two estates were destined to meet in the next generation, with the union of Philippe Girard and Dominique Bonnet.

Some years after the lease expired, Paul Girard, the son of Philippe and Dominique who thus embodies both the Girard and the Bonnet families, decided to merge the two vineyards in order to embark on the adventure of creating a grower-maker brand in honour of his origins. And so, Girard-Bonnet champagne was born.

Our vineyard

The GIRARD-BONNET vineyard comprises 12 hectares mainly located in the Côte des Blancs, more precisely in Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger, classified as Grand Cru and Vertus Premier Cru and famous for their high-quality Chardonnays.

The use of herbicides was phased out as from the 2000s under Philippe Girard’s directive. The estate then took an individualised approach to its vines, as each one requires specific care so that it can reveal its characteristics depending on its age, location and exposure.

The use of plants in their various forms, including herbal teas, essential oils, green manure and eco-pasture, is common practice in the vineyard. As diverse as they are, all these natural approaches converge towards the same goal – developing the vines to their full potential. 

Since 2023, our vineyard is now Organic & Biodynamic certified. 

In our cellar

The vinification process is a reflection of the estate’s belief that a good wine starts with healthy grapes. The grapes from lieux-dits or specific terroirs are pressed separately. Their juice is then settled naturally and placed in different containers, before going through the natural fermentation process.

After that, the wines are aged on lees for at least 10 months. They are then drawn, without fining or filtration, and placed in the cellar to undergo the second fermentation for a period that varies according to the cuvée.
Paul is currently exploring several avenues that depend on the parcels, wooden containers of different sizes, stainless steel tanks and amphoras.

Our bottles

Our cuvées aim to illustrate the different facets of chardonnay according to the terroirs of the Côte des Blancs. They are intended to represent each village, highlighting the typical characteristics of each one in accordance with our philosophy.

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Nos cuvées

Nos cuvées se veulent représentatives des différents terroirs de notre vignoble.

A mi-chemin

Chardonnay Grand Cru

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Sortie 2024

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Sortie 2024

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Sortie 2025


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